Jean Otth …On the Council of Nicea

Anarchive 4

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“This dvd is a reflection of my work, but above all it is a contradictory observation and expression of issues of representation and non-representation. It is thus the report of a new Council of Nicea that was held in my studio between 1967 and 2007…!”
— j.o.

In accordance with the principle of the «Anarchive» collection, of which this is the fourth title, “Jean Otth ....on the Council of Nicea” is all at once an original creation, as well as a database of his work.

This DVD-ROM is the annotated catalogue of his video works. Although Jean Otth is one of the pioneers of video art in Switzerland, he has also worked with other media as well, such as painting, photography, and the computer. These other works are presented here.

“Jean Otth …on the Council of Nicea” is composed of two discs:

The first is a DVD-ROM (for Mac or PC) that enables access, in an interactive way, not only to the videos, but also to filmed documentation of the video installations (28 pieces), as well as a significant body of visual documentation of works realized in other media (930 reproductions).

The second DVD, playable on any dvd player, contains 20 of the artist’s videos (in their totality and excerpts).

Thirteen short video pieces, created especially for this project, illustrate the different problematics that run through the work of Jean Otth.

Finally, a selection of the artist’s writings, as well as numerous critical texts about his work, are accessible in this database, and are in printable form (57 texts).

This DVD-ROM contains both the French & English versions.

39 €


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88 videos
930 images
57 texts in english and french

Minimum system requirements:

Power Macintosh G4-1.2Ghz or higher; MacOS 10.2 or higher; 512MB RAM; Screen 1024x768, Millions of colors; DVD-Rom drive; QuickTime 7.

Intel P4-1.8Ghz or higher; Windows 2000/XP or higher; 512MB RAM; Screen 1024x768, Millions of colors; DVD-Rom drive; QuickTime 7.

Author and artistic director: Jean Otth
Editorial and scientific direction: Anne-Marie Duguet, Paris Programming and interactive concept Marc Göring - Electronlibre, Lausanne, and Adrien Cater. Graphic concept: Werner Jeker – Ateliers du Nord, Lausanne
Authors of the texts: René Berger, Edmond Charrière, Anne-Marie Duguet, Lysianne Léchot-Hirt, Geneviève Loup, Michel Thévoz, Jörg Zutter, Jean Otth
Translation: Douglas Parsons
Sound: Christian Pahud

This DVD-ROM was produced thanks to private patronage and the support of Pro Helvetia swiss arts council, the Cultural Fund of the City of Lausanne, the Canton of Vaud, and the Vaud Academic Society.

The Center for Contemporary Images- St. Gervais in Geneva, and AktiveArchive in Bern both participated in the production of this work.